LTE: Medicaid expansion helps us all

This letter was first published in the Greensboro News & Record

Gated communities are not protected from diseases, and North Carolina needs Medicaid expansion to have a healthy society and workforce. All voters need to pressure our elected leaders, because our health should not be a partisan issue. The overall health of North Carolina is in the bottom third of states in the U.S., and expanding Medicaid is a fairly inexpensive way to improve it.

North Carolinians should support Medicaid expansion for three reasons. First, our people will be healthier, and that is good for our economy. Second, we will save state tax dollars and create jobs. And finally, expanding Medicaid is the moral thing to do. Faith groups are being burdened with helping sick people, and these groups would be more available to help with other problems if they were not using their resources to help people without health insurance.

Medicaid expansion would cover nearly 500,000 people in North Carolina. Thousands of deaths and medical bankruptcies could be avoided. The underlying logic for the Affordable Care Act came from the Heritage Foundation, and it is time for conservatives to help North Carolina. We all need to get involved and pressure Raleigh to fix this problem.

Howard Taylor