LTE: Secret TPP trade deal threatens our jobs

This letter to the editor was first published in the Greensboro News & Record April 27

If you aren’t informed about TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), you should be. This is a disturbing piece of legislation that is cloaked in a secrecy so deep, even our elected officials are uninformed. Scary? Read on.

I grew up in Kannapolis, home of the world’s largest textile manufacturer, Cannon Mills. On Jan. 1, 1994, NAFTA came online. In June 2003, Cannon, which was now Pillowtex, closed Plant #1, which was the largest of Cannon’s numerous mills.

Its size was comparable to the Pentagon, and it employed 7,650 people. It was no more. The entire economy was dependent on the mill. In less than 10 years, an industry and a community were devastated.

If Congress allows this TPP legislation to pass, it will only protect the profit margins of large corporations. It could affect government decisions that would, in turn, affect public health as private investors could sue the government if their profit margins were threatened, i.e., food safety, for example.

NAFTA included three countries. TPP encompasses 14. The legislation is constructed to protect corporate profits, not American jobs. Tell your congressman to vote no on TPP.

Carole Tweed