Working North Carolina


Carolyn Smith,

What does she do? She's the State Director and spokesperson for Working North Carolina.

Carolyn’s passion comes from a deep-seated belief in the power of community organizing. With more than 10 years of organizing experience, one of her main goals is to grow the labor movement through new and innovative ideas.

Her favorite thing about Working America? “What I like about Working America is the thinking-outside-the-box mentality and the willingness to experiment with new ideas.”

Jasmine Whaley,

What does she do? She's a Member Coordinator.

Hailing from Greensboro, N.C., Jasmine was called to Working America after she saw state representatives make continuous legislative decisions that affected the rights and opportunities of working people.

“I knew that I had to get active and do something,” she said. “Working America offered me a way to do that with a group of progressive, like-minded people who all want to see North Carolina move forward.”

Her favorite thing about Working America? The people. Everyone involved in this organization is so passionate and ready to make change happen.

Katie Gregg,

What does she do? She's a Member Coordinator.

While watching her brother work a full-time job without health care for over half a decade, and seeing her sister struggle to find employment after college, Katie knew she needed to do something to change the way everyday, hardworking people are treated.

Her favorite thing about Working America? “I love that we’re focused on the core issues that affect working people,” she said. “We’re actively involved in the political process without being beholden to a single political party.”

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