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In a country where big corporations have way too much influence on our politicians and economy, Working North Carolina is dedicated to improving the lives of working people by coming together to build power and create real change. We’re the voice for working people, not corporate agendas.

Working North Carolina is a chapter of Working America, the fastest-growing organization for working people in the country. In North Carolina, we’re 30,000 members strong, and together we fight for the priorities and interests of working people. We fight for good jobs, affordable health care, education, retirement security, corporate accountability and real democracy on a day-to-day basis.

Since 2012, we’ve been in North Carolina tackling the issues that you care about. As a member, your concerns determine our course.

Take a peek at some of our current statewide initiatives below:

Protecting voters from restrictive legislation. Last year, the General Assembly passed a restrictive voting law that will make it much more difficult for working people to vote and elect the people who represent their best interests. In response, we’ve compiled a Top 10 list of do’s and don’ts for the upcoming election season.

Expanding Medicaid for thousands of North Carolinians. Recently, Gov. McCrory decided not to expand Medicaid, leaving 319,000 residents without insurance. More than two-thirds of those people are women, and each day that passes is another day that an individual or a family goes without the health care that they desperately need. Sign our petition to urge Gov. McCrory to expand Medicaid.

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